31 Halloween Activities #18: Make a Luminaria

Halloween Activities Card 18 Make a Luminaria

Honestly you can just go ahead and make one now.  I will even be nice and give you a link to a page where Martha Stewart will tell you how to make them.  Here you go!

But you’d better be careful because the other people who had something to say about her little project weren’t too thrilled. Check this out:

Tracy1977 – 5 OCT, 2013
I haven’t tried this yet as I have found it a bit confusing. I’m going to try it with a regular brown bag first, maybe a coat or 2 of modpodge will make them more durable.

And this:

Lllllsamiamlllll – 23 OCT, 2012
I don’t understand this. So both the top of the bag and the bottom are open?

No joke.  Those are the only two comments on the post.  So either Martha Stewart is an evil witch who gives confusing directions, or the people who read her site are total lunkheads.  I VOTE LUNKHEAD!

Someone try it.  Ain’t nobody going to tell me that the average TYoH reader is dumber than Tracy1977.  Seriously, don’t tell me it’s true because if it is, I’ve screwed up the curve.  😦

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  1. I’ll confess that I’d like to try making those lovely luminarias at the link, but I’ve always been too lazy to special order grey paper bags.

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