31 Halloween Activities #13: Fall in Love

Halloween Activities Card 13 Fall in Love

This is the first card I might be rethinking.  Sure, falling in love in the fall is fun because you can go to fairs and walk through leaves and that kind of junk, but I think you should MEET the person you will fall in love with in the summer.


Well in the summer people look the most like they want to look. Most people, in fact spend nine months out of the year killing themselves so they can spend three months looking like they didn’t.

So if you come across someone you like and see them looking pretty good, then definitely try to get them to stick with you until fall.  Then you can both walk hand in hand past giant bags of candy in Target and booths selling deep fried Oreos at the fair and see what’s up.  And here is the secret:  if the person does the same thing as you, stay with them, REGARDLESS OF WHAT THAT IS!

If they shove their face in the fried pickle basket and you are like: oh thank GOD! then you are compatible.  If they say: wow that looks good but I don’t want to have to run for a whole day to work it off and you agree, you are compatible.  You might think I am being shallow, but I’m not.  I am saying that you meet people in summer and fall in love in the fall.  But it is the dead of winter when you have the highest chance of looking at the other person and saying: “I’ve made a huge mistake”.  Be prepared is all I’m saying.  Because one person signing up for the gym on January 2 and never going is trouble.  But BOTH of you signing up for the gym and never going is togetherness!

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4 replies

  1. What if the thing we have in common is murder?

  2. That’s how I met my wife Spockirk.

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