Halloween Costume Contest Update PLUS Creepy Makeup Tutorial!

The Great Evadia 2014 Halloween Costume Contest

We are less than a week from Halloween and entries are already starting to come in for this year’s online costume contest! One of our entries comes from Shaina Azad, who was kind enough to provide a video tutorial for her ultra-creepy Smiley-inspired FX makeup. Check out Shania’s video tutorial and a gallery of some of this year’s submissions so far below, and visit the costume & makeup tutorial archive if you need more inspiration.

If you’re planning to enter the contest this year, all you have to do is take a picture of yourself in costume holding the contest sign (printed or visible on your mobile device). Submit your photo by emailing to contests@superficialgallery.com or uploading to our official contest page by midnight Monday, November 3.  Once the entries are in, you’ll have a chance to vote for your favorites to win a collection of great stuff, including a $50 gift certificate and a goody bag of hand-selected prizes, so go get your Halloween on and get playing, kittens!

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  1. Creapiest makeup tutorial EVERRRRRR!!!

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