The Spirits of the Dead May Walk Again: 5 Chilling Ghost Photos

As autumn slowly begins to die into winter, shadows grow bold, gathering in corners and creeping up walls to draw night ever earlier into the afternoon. Long evenings such as these beg for ghost stories, tales of the paranormal to put a chill in your spine, a frission that even a cheery hearth fire can do little to dispel. For those of you wishing for just such spectral entertainment, here is a video collection of ghostly photos from Nuke Norway, an intriguing selection of five purportedly true phantoms caught on film. You can see these photos for yourself in the gallery at the bottom of this post, or click on any of the links below for more information!

5. Oklahoma Impound Lot Ghost
4. White Lady of Worstead Church
3. Ghost of Tewin Bury Farm, Herstfordshire
2. Chico Ghost Truck
1. Pink Lady of James Edington Montgomery O’Hair House

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