A Meme for Every Season: Horsemaning

Perhaps you missed “planking” and thought “owling” was actually a joke, but now “horsemaning” is apparently here to prove that everything old is new again, especially when it comes to hipster photo memes.  Supposedly a historical fad (what we called memes in the dark days before the internet) from the early 20th centrury inspired by Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” horsemaning is the act of taking a photo so that it looks like the subject has been beheaded.

Although we at The Year of Halloween try to stay about the common fray when it comes to fads, horsemaning gets a big thumbs up for its blackly comedic depiction of decapitation, horror, and various levels of zombification.   What’s more, a few framed shots would be a lovely low-budget finishing touch to your Halloween haunt decor.

Read on for more photos and links.

(via Buzzfeed, Horsemanning.com, KnowYourMeme, and Facebook)

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4 replies

  1. This is fantastic! I’ve been laughing for nearly five minutes already.

  2. I do have a soft spot for decapitation (in a joking way of course) The photo is great and I admire how realistic it looks!

  3. I did a double take at the first one, and the rest are great!

  4. I couldn’t believe how many good ones are out there – people are getting in a Halloween mood!

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