Vote for Eva Halloween!

Darling readers, won’t you vote for me for Bride of Creepy?

Simply visit my Creepy LA Bachelorette page and click the Facebook “like” button!  Voting closes in a few weeks, so please vote early – there’s a Stuffles on the line!


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  1. I must be a dummy. I clicked on your link to go to your Creepy LA Bachelorette page, but I didn’t see a “Like” button. Am I missing something?

    Paul D. Dail A horror writer’s not necessarily horrific blog

    • Hey Paul, thanks for trying! The system certainly leaves something to be desired. When you go to the page, there is a Facebook “like” button on the top left side, directly under the title and above the photo. It is the very last thing on the page to load, so it takes a minute to pop up.

      Let me know if you try again and have any luck. I’ll remember to thank you at the (completely made up and in my head) awards ceremony.

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