5 Horror Trailers to Give You Hope

I’m just going to say it – if you were planning to get in the Halloween spirit by enjoying a horror film at the local Googolplex, October is looking pretty bleak.  And not bleak in that “barren, post-apocalyptic wasteland that’s probably full of giant acid monster scorpions” kind of way.  No, this is bleak in the “cinematic wasteland of nothing but remakes and sequels of sequels” kind of way.  As in “bring a pillow to the theater because you might end up dozing off” theatrical bleakness.

Luckily, hope remains on the horror horizon.  A slew of independent and foreign horror is lurking in the wings, just waiting for an opportunity to reach out and touch you.  Read on for five horror trailers bringing you the bizarre, the sinister, the campy, and the warped; horror to bring you back from the brink (or push you over the edge)…

Partially funded on Kickstarter.com, Absentia tells the story of something sinster lurking in a dark tunnel below a normal town.

A UK import, Inbred recently received Special Mention at the Lund International Fantastic Film Festival and is generating buzz for being both heavy on the gore and “deliriously warped.”  If this is the teaser, I can’t wait to see the trailer.

If you prefer your horror with a hefty dose of camp, Chillerama presents an anthology of four horror/comedy vintage drive-in monster movie spoofs.

The Divide
From French director Xavier Gens comes The Divide, a tense tale of eight people struggling to hold on to their lives and their sanity following an apocalyptic explosion in New York City.

The Theatre Bizarre
Another collection of shorts, The Theatre Bizarre tells six darkly twisted tales inspired by Paris’ legendary Grand Guignol theater, and is my pick for most disturbing trailer of the bunch (consider that your warning if you click “play”).

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8 replies

  1. Oh Man, The Divide looks like my kind of horror movie. Will have to see that one! Great post!

  2. I agree! There aren’t any interesting looking scary movies at the mainstream theaters for this Halloween. That first trailer was really good. I thought the acting was very believable. I’m not much for gore, but I do like camp. So the third one might be my kind of thing! I’ll have to work up my nerve to watch the Theatre Bizarre trailer after reading your intro to it. 🙂

  3. Thank you for digging these up! I will skip on the campy and the bizarre one, but the rest are going on my list. Btw, you’re on my favorites-list 🙂


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