The Answers to Our Holiday Horror Movie Challenge!

Kittens, thanks for playing my Holiday Horror Movie Challenge! You can find the answers to the 13 holiday horror films below, plus trailers and photos for each movie. Of the twelve entries in the comments for Thursday’s post, we randomly selected one commenter to receive a $10 Amazon instant gift card. Congratulations to our winner, the fiendishly fantastic Mz Maau!  Happy holidays to all and thanks for playing!

1. Elves (1989)

2. Black Christmas (2006)

3. Christmas Evil (1980)

4. Dead End (2003)

5. Don’t Open ’til Christmas (1983)

6. Gremlins (1984)

7. Black Christmas (1974)

8. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010)

9. Santa’s Slay (2005)

10. Silent Night (2012)

11. Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

12. To All a Good Night (1980)

13. Treevenge (2008)

Bonus Question: The films previously featured on TYoH were Black Christmas, Gremlinsand Treevenge.

If you’re in the mood for a little holiday horror viewing to spice up your Christmas week, Dead End, Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale and Silent Night, Deadly Night are all available for instant streaming by subscription, and Santa’s Slay and both versions of Black Christmas are currently available for digital rental. You can also watch holiday horror shorts Blinky, Rare Exports, Treevenge and Alma in their entirety right here on TYoH. Happy viewing!

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4 replies

    • I was hoping santa would leave a copy of “Elves” under my tree – that trailer has everything!

      • If only my sleigh wasn’t broken… :

        • Mmmm hmmm. OR you read the utterly awesome movie description and slipped Rudolph a $20 for it to get “lost” on delivery. I know how these things work.

          “Starring a chain-smoking Dan Haggerty as an alcoholic ex-cop turned department store Santa who unwittingly becomes the only person that can prevent Neo-Nazis from completing their diabolical plan to spawn a psychotic satanic elf that must mate with a purebred Aryan virgin by Christmas Eve in order to procreate Adolf Hitler’s half-human/half-elf master race that will conquer the world.”

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