Dead Bodies in the Cellar: The New Evil Dead Trailer

Darlings, have you had a chance to see the new red band trailer for the 2013 remake of Evil Dead?  Although this is the first film in the franchise that is not directed by Sam Raimi or starring Bruce Campbell, the latest trailers have been generating quite a buzz.

For reference, here is the original 1981 trailer.  What do you think, lovies?

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  1. You know I youtubed this a while ago… I’m a huge Sam Rami and Bruce Campbell fan I don’t think I can handle this… I like that it was B film…

    • The original definitely paired its gore up with some campy fun. This trailer seems to take a more serious (and higher-budget) approach that could really intensify things. Then again, maybe I would have felt the same about the original back in 1981. 🙂

  2. I can’t EVEN WAIT for this!!!

  3. I kinda hate when they remake movies like this. But we’ll see. For instance the Fright Night remake was horrid. But then, I actually enjoyed the Night of the Living Dead remake in 1990, and that’s saying something because I’m a hardcore Night of the Living Dead 1968 fan.

  4. Looks pretty kick-ass. And by the accounts I’ve read, the script stays true to the original, and they’re certainly not aiming for the PG13 crowd, so it could turn out to be quite an intense experience.


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