I Have Kept You in a Laboratory Jar: Site News

Darlings, today marks 227 days until Halloween.  That’s just a shade over seven months, my dears, and I for one am getting rather excited.  Also exciting are some updates and upcoming events for The Year of Halloween, beginning with the news that we have just passed the 10,000 view mark!  My deepest thanks from the cold, unbeating shallows of my heart to you, darling readers – your participation makes this site what it is, and your comments truly tickle me to no end.  And, should you feel the same, you can now like The Year of Halloween on Facebookor visit me at Google+, my de facto home away from home when I’m not haunting these lonely corridors.

Of course, speaking of G+, I should mention my dear old friend Acadia Einstein, once lost to me through the travails of history, now happily regained as part of my extended Google+ family.  In addition to being famously rugged, Acadia also runs Superficial Gallery, home to a variety of contests and humorous posts, as well as some truly fabulous Halloween hijinks.  Darlings, you should stop by and give it a read at your earliest opportunity.  Acadia has also been kind enough to agree to provide the occasional guest post at The Year of Halloween, so look forward to that starting this week.

In the meantime, dear readers, sleep tight…and dream of bad things.

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  1. congrats Eva

  2. Congrats on the 10,000 views, Eva! That is very ghoulish news indeed!



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