31 Scary Things #5: Snakes

Darlings, Acadia can’t be here today to share his latest installation of Scary Things, so I am stepping in this morning to provide you with Scary Thing #5: Snakes.  From Wadjet and Amphisbaena to the Serpent of Bronze and the Garden of Eden, snakes have a place as the most ancient and widespread of mythological symbols. Are they still scary to a modern person in our rational age?  Acadia might not be sure, but that’s probably because he tramples snakes while wearing fancy underwear, as you can see in this picture of him I found.  Let’s see what the video has to say, shall we?


Fear not, my lovlies, as Acadia will be back for the next installment of 31 Scary Things. Stay tuned also for next week’s big post celebrating our one year anniversary at The Year of Halloween!

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Thinking Costume: Medusa

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