31 Scary Things #9: Cthulhu

Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone made a Cthulhu movie, and the hero was asking some pale minion who he worked for and the dude said: “Cthulhu!” and the hero said: “Bless You,” because he thought the guy had sneezed?

That’s what I’d say.

I wonder if anyone is making a Cthulhu movie. Probably not. Except for me. And mine is more of a documentary. Sorry.

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  1. They’ve already made a Call of Cthulhu movie. It was made by the HP Lovecraft Historical Society (look ’em up), and is a fantastic work of art. It was made as a silent movie, as if it had been made during Lovecraft’s time. You can find it streaming on Netflix. It’s the most faithful adaptation of a Lovecraft story I’ve ever seen.

    Guillermo Del Toro was going to make a film adaptation of At The Mountains Of Madness, but said Prometheus, with its similar themes, (according to him, anyway), he was going to back away from doing that project. It was only the ONLY THING I GAVE A SHIT ABOUT HIM MAKING. Instead, he’s making some bullshit wanna-be Godzilla movie called Pacific Rim. Anyway, I’m ranting.

    • I agree, it was disappointing. I’m hoping we’ll still see his Frankenstein with Universal, and the literary nerd in me is holding out hope that the Slaughterhouse Five remake will happen someday.

  2. We’re in desperate need of a Lovecraft-based movie. I bought the huge necronomicon edition of Lovecraft’s stories and it’s so big it holds up by bookshelves all on its own…when I’m not reading it until the ink wears off, of course 😀

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