A Tinfoil Crown for the Kingdom of Nye

Oh, Art Bell.  Late night radio hasn’t been the same since you left.  We need aliens at 2:00 am!  The resolution of Mel’s Hole! Also Area 51 callers, Old Navy being part of an Illuminati cabal, Daniel Murray, the Windsor-Bush Lizard People Bloodline, and of course, Ghost to Ghost AM every Halloween.  Come back, Art Bell – we need you!

Sigh…I guess I’ll have to settle for this completely random Art Bell spot for Harris Teeter until he decides to unretire again.  Do they even have a Harris Teeter in Parhump?

(Cheers to the dashingly roguish Acadia Einstein for originally posting this video)

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8 replies

  1. I agree, I miss Art too! George is just too “christian” for my tastes!

    • When Art Bell was at the helm, Coast to Coast AM mostly steered away from politics to offer something different on the talk radio landscape. George Nory has sadly gone for just more of the same stuff I could hear any hour of any day on am radio.

  2. I’ve never really been into the works of Art Bell. In fact, I know of him mostly through his show’s relationship with “time traveler” John Titor, of whom I know an unfortunate amount about, and which is really kind of going about it backwards but oh well.

    • Oh, his guests ranged from pleasantly wacky to completely nutty, with more than a few scammers and frauds thrown in the mix. However, I always enjoyed Art’s ability to take them very seriously while still delivering a massive stage wink to his audience. Also, there was the very occasional show that spooked me enough to leave the lights on, and that’s saying something. 😉

  3. Cool paranormal postings. I was in a paranormal group for a few years, it was amazing!

  4. at least there’s george knapp :/

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