Little Ms. Frightmare

Little Ms Frightmare by fartsandcraftsroomJust look at this lovely little project from fartsandcraftsroom. It goes to show that effective Halloween props don’t require a ton of money, simply a bit of time and a little (misbegotten) love.

After you take a look at this one, darlings, it’s worth browsing her other completely fabulous Halloween projects.  Also, a bit of an aside, but isn’t “fartsandcraftsroom” just the best name ever?

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I present to you, dear readers, my most horrible creation yet (and my proudest achievement) – I’ve made a Halloween decoration that I’m actually afraid of.  Behold, Little Ms. Frightmare:

I found an old Barbie styling head toy at Goodwill, something I’d been hoping to find since LAST YEAR, because the opportunity to take pretty, blonde little Barbie and turn her into the stuff of nightmares was too fantastic to pass up.  For those unfamiliar with what this toy looked like before I got to her:


All it took to turn princess into possessed was paint, patience, some spray adhesive, and AGES of back-combing.  The night I made this was a long one, it was well past midnight when I deemed her done.  I set her on the bookcase in my living room to dry, then went to the kitchen to refresh my drink, then settle into some 30…

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  1. This is great. I used to give my Barbies mohawks, but this is even better.

  2. I don’t like that. One bit.

    farts aren’t supposed to be scary 😦

  3. Thank you so much for the shout-out, you completely made my day!

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