31 Scary Things #22: Helplessness

I had forgotten all about this video until this past weekend when I realized that I had forgotten to turn off the hose and my pool was overflowing but was in the middle of an important battle in DC Universe online and couldn’t pause.


True story.


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20 replies

  1. Every time I see that video from the Marathon Man I just hear the Ominous “Is it safe?” quote.

  2. That is bloody scary! Booking the car in tomorrow! Thank you Eva for that chilling reminder. Jen

  3. Hahahah… or how about the feeling of helplessness you get when your career is going nowhere, bills are piling up and all you can think about how much you regret switching industries at such a late point in your life?

  4. Acadia, do you have a blog of your very own? I popped into some of the other posts in 31 Scary Things, and loved them.

    By the way, I have that poster of Houdini hanging on my wall.

  5. I gotta say, I’ve really enjoyed your scary things posts. I think they are my favorite thing right now out of all the blogs I follow! Well done!!

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