All the Cheap Thrill Seekers: Glamorous Bearded Lady Makeup

Darlings, we are under the two month mark for Halloween and I am moving into high octane mode in the pursuit of a great Halloween costume.

Yesterday I stumbled across Vintage Vivant’s gallery of Circus and Carnival Beauties from the early 20th century and was transfixed by the idea of a gorgeous, circus-inspired Halloween look.  I’m still mulling over the possibilities, but do yourself a favor and take a look at both the beauties and the fascinating Sideshow Curiosities section – perhaps you’ll find your imagination fired up for Halloween, as well.

If these lovely ladies of the carnival have your interest, here is an easy tutorial to create a fun, glamorous, and glittery bearded lady look for Halloween.  This would pair nicely with any number of costumes, but I personally vote for something in a steampunk circus flavor.  Happy hauntings, my loves, and do let me know in the comments if you’ve thought of a costume yet for this year.

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  1. Eva, you have re-opened my eyes. I am usually so distracted by those scary psychos in floppy shoes, fright wigs and big red noses that I completely forget about the bizarre beauty in the circus! Thanks once again, sweetie.

  2. That was mega cool! I enjoyed watching that. I wondered what she’d do about covering up that white adhesive — she had it all covered!

    I’ve been dreaming of being Michael Rooker’s rendition of Henry Lee Lucas, from the movie, Henry: A Portrait of a Serial Killer. I believe I mentioned it here before. I’d need an exterminator can, a curly man’s wig, a mustard collared jacket, high waters with white socks, and a stilted, long stride walk — hot damn I’d be one badass serial killer I believe! The time is nigh!

    • Oh, that costume would be amazing! I think all of it would be easy to find except for the jacket (ebay, maybe?). And how could people NOT vote for you in the costume contest with a trick costume like that? I vote YES. 😉


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