My Eyeballs Roll This Terrible Terrain: Evil Clown Makeup Tutorial

I legitimately can’t think of a better way for you, dear reader, to start your week than with this spectacularly disturbing clown makeup tutorial from the immensely talented Klaire de Lys. I adore the way this look blends perky and cute with awfully evil.

Do visit the video page for a complete product list, or Klaire de Lys’ YouTube channel, Makeup is Art, for more excellent tutorials.  It could be something to do if, say, you have a hard time getting to sleep tonight, darlings.

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11 replies

  1. Horrifying. That is all.

  2. Yeah, cos it wasn’t enough that real clowns walk the streets at night, hunting children and grown men who were once children. Now you gotta help people look like evil clowns too!

  3. Yay! I’m just gonna do it for my local pub

  4. This is terrible and terrifying. 😦


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