31 Scary Things #28: Satan

The Devil, you say?  Oh no, that was me.  Well in case you don’t pay attention to the video (and I really hope you have been since there will totally be a test), the point is that the world (if you believe the Bible) contained light before there was a sun.

Chew on that.  We alll have some Satan in us.  INXS was right!


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11 replies

  1. ‘God made the universe out of Satan’ — so that explains it!

    Satan is after all the inspiration for Halloween, right? While not a fan of Satan, I must admit he is quite intriguing. I’m just always hoping when I’m singing along to some of the death metal that might be inspired by Satan, that I haven’t unwittingly made a pact with the devil 😦

  2. Diabolically clever, sweetie. I will not bore you with the Hebrew ins and outs of the word ‘satan.’ Suffice it to say I had a devilishly good time, as always!

  3. When does left cuff collide pen and light hand candle no underwear with bean sproud iron post of cloned pumpkin rellish under tanktop mister book larrer?

    NEW SCRIPT – Felice and the Hyber Lamb
    FELICE: Fill me in on the space report.
    LAMB: No
    LAMB: (firm) No
    FELICE: (grabs lambs tail and swings her around) YOU….TELL…ME…NOW!

    – By Ivy Walker –

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