31 Scary Things #21: Creepy Dolls

People can combat Creepy Dolls if they have rubber gloves on.

I know creepy dolls are a cliché.  I mean, ALL of these things are kind of a cliché.  But clichés are clichés for a reason.  Creepy dolls are creepy.  Men won’t ask for directions.  Women are scared of bugs.  People complain when I make sweeping generalizations.

And also, while people might not realize it, dolls come to life at night and lick your stuff.  With their weird doll spit.  You probably didn’t know that.

Also in case you have a bunch of “Action Figures” or “Collectibles” and think they aren’t dolls, they are dolls.  Even if they don’t have a dress they are still a doll.  So you might as well just buy them dresses like I did for my Batmans.  Batmen?  Whatever you call them, they are beautiful.  Let’s make a play date!

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11 replies

  1. Not as bad as clowns, but close…

  2. Love that video too. When we were teenagers a friend of ours told this really scary as hell creepy doll story. I wish I could remember it. Also I think of the Baby Jane Hudson Doll from Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.

    • You can’t tease a story like that and then not deliver! Find that friend. That’s what Facebook is for! (apologies in advance if you grew up on Alderaan and your friend is dead).

  3. What’s creepier than doll’s……….the people that collect them, and of course clowns!


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