The Beast Howls in My Veins: Love Songs for Monsters

Darlings, as we enter the final days before Halloween, I thought you might enjoy a few dark and dreamy songs to start your week. This playlist (complied by the exquisite Ghoul Next Door) can be played in its entirety for free at Love and Other Demons on  Here are six of my favorite videos from the collection.

Mark Lanegan Band, Gravedigger’s Song

Florence + The Machine, Howl


Lera Lynne, Wolf Like Me

Moulettes, Devil of Mine

Backworld, Devil’s Plaything

Karen Elson, The Ghost Who Walks

You may also wish to visit Ghoul Next Door’s lovely tumblr site, mlle ghoul’s fairy tales from the shadows, for more delicious fiendishness.  Happy hauntings, darlings!

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16 replies

  1. I’m beginning to wonder what happened…only moments ago it was 14 days til Halloween…now it’s 2…was I abducted by aliens? Oh wait…never mind…I am an alien.

  2. I totally wish the beast would howl in my veins right now.

  3. Good music – enjoying the selections.

  4. Stumbled on this post just now, I like the gothic ladies and gentlemen very much, pretty songs!


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