Passing Ghosts: 5 Things You Missed in 2012

Lovies, as we approach the end of January, most “best of 2012” round ups are long passed, fading small in the rear view mirror. However, time is a fluid thing here on The Year of Halloween, and while we’ve already started the countdown to October 31st (282 days to go!), we are also still luxuriating in memories of 2012.  Later this week, we’ll be featuring a few of our most popular posts of the year, but I thought you all might appreciate a chance to peek at those posts you may have missed.  Here are five of my favorite TYoH posts from 2012 that passed with whisper, from gorgeous horror photography to vintage art, with a few ghosts thrown in for good measure.

1. And Still There Sits a Moonshine Ghost: The Legend of Penny Castle

penny-castle_front_evadiaOctober 2012. Gather round, lovies, and listen to the ghostly tale of Penny Castle, headstrong heir to the Castle manufacturing fortune who disappeared one night in 1947.  Click through for the complete story of Penny’s paranormal appearances at the Donovan Hotel in New York City, and to see the first ever ghost trading cards, provided by our pals over at Superficial Gallery.

2A Hornet Tests my Sculptured Skin: Horror as Art

diane-tunstall-photographyMarch 2012. Danielle Tunstall is easily one of my favorite pop-horror photographers, using a combination of make-up, photograph technique, and editing to create compelling horror art; stark and fascinating.  If you missed this post, you missed a fantastic fun video slideshow of Danielle’s work, set to funky beats by Shintek. Do yourself a favor and go watch this – it’s a great cure for the mid-week doldrums and a wonderful introduction to a still-under-the-radar artist.

3. Dark Clouds Will Gather ‘Round Me: Town of Ghosts

Town of Ghosts on Vimeo by Colin Rich (

November 2012.  This gorgeous, time-lapse black and white video by Colin Rich slowly spins around the California ghost town of Bodie to the plaintive sounds of Johnny Cash.  It’s haunting and lovely, in a lonely, aching sort of way.  Although the video didn’t receive much mainstream fanfare last year, it was actually one of my favorite things that I saw in 2012.

4. A Man, Tall and Thin, and Ghastly Pale: Bram Stoker’s Dracula

dracula-cover1November 2012.  In honor of Bram Stoker’s 165th birthday and the publication of his game-changing Gothic horror novel Dracula, this post featured a gallery of more than one hundred years of Dracula cover art. From a rose-bedecked 1902 hardcover to a menacing silhouette on a blood-drenched field from the 2003 Australian edition, this gallery captures the impact of Dracula on our collective imaginations. You can also find a link to the full text of the novel via Project Gutenberg.

5. The Beast Howls in My Veins: Love Songs for Monsters

94953651ca759c6e46f59f47cbf6b387October 2012.  If you missed this post, you missed out on my favorite playlist of 2012, Love and Other Demons.  Featuring 13 dark and dreamy songs by artists such as Mark Lanegan, Lera Lynn, Karen Elson, and Lana Del Rey, this playlist was on constant rotation here in the latter part of the year.  Click through for 6 stirring videos from these artists, as well as a link to the complete playlist on


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  1. Thanks for this. You’ve reminded me just how very much I love your blog 🙂 Sweet nightmares, don’t let the vampires bite x

  2. I love this list! I will have to check out those songs. I shared my Halloween playlist on my blog:

  3. As a relatively new follower, I appreciate this list so much! Fabulous stuff here. I’m going to share the heck out of that Johnny Cash / ghost town video. I saw it the other night in my google reader but had to come back today, with a better connection, to gather the info I’ll need.

    Now that I see your actual blog, I realize that you’re using the template I’ve just decided to adopt. I’m hoping to get my husband to tweak the CSS so that the photo column and the navigation column are in opposite positions, in both views. (So that navigation is available from the individual post view too.) It’s nice to see it the template here, used to such advantage.

    • Renae, I’d love to see what you’re able to do with this template! I switched to it a few months ago and love how strongly images are featured. The only down side for me is that I miss being able to use widgets in the footer. Good luck with the update, and thanks for the shares! I think that video was one of the most lovely things I stumbled across last year. 🙂

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    If your not reading this blog, you should be. Eva Halloween is delightful. Check out this “Best of 2012” list.


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