Not Suitable for Children: Lee Hardcastle’s Claymation Art

Sweetlings, there is something so delicious about the collision of horror and humor, whether it’s dry black comedy or the absurd delight of ludicrously over-the-top gore.  Fitting squarely into the latter category are Lee Hardcastle’s creations of claymation horror, which bear the apt warning that they are emphatically NOT for children.  Fans may have seen Lee Hardcastle’s collection of 60 second claymation retelling of classic horror flicks, such as The Evil Dead in 60 Seconds with Clay.

Some of his creations add a whimsical (but no less gory) twist with Claycat Cinema, as in Claycat’s “The Thing,” described as “John Carpenter’s masterpiece retold with claymation cats.”

Lee also submitted the fan-nominated winning entry to Drafthouse Films “The ABC’s of Death” horror short film contest, T is for Toliet.

 If you’re interested in finding out more about creating claymation horror, read Lee’s excellent interview with Co.Create “How to Make a Bloody Claymation Film.” You can also watch more of his delightfully macabre videos at Lee Hardcastle’s youtube channel or on his website,

Lee Hardcastle

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  1. What a great (and entertaining) post! The “Evil Dead” clip is hilarious. What a funny idea!

  2. Sadly, nobody remembers Lee McCormick.


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