Death by a Thousand Cuts: Li Hongbo Paper Sculpture

Lovies, let’s start this week with a little bit of interesting art. And by interesting at TYoH, of course I mean a little bizarre and fascinating and maybe a touch creepy. Take a peek at these amazing paper sculptures from Beijing artist, book editor, and designer Li Hongbo. What appear at first glance as simple balsa wood or plaster casts of skulls, faces, and torsos are actually intricately assembled paper creations that honeycomb and slink, stretching to incredible lengths as they are arranged in toppled towers of stretching limbs, looping into odd in-between poses; half-poised and half-melted.

To create this art, Li combines thousands of sheets of paper with glue to assemble sculptural “blanks” which are then finely carved into a variety of anatomical shapes.  The shapes are then carefully arranged into surreal positions that highlight the amazingly odd properties of Li’s sculptures.

From his biography:

The installation Paper (2010) began when Li Hongbo bought one of the “honeycomb” paper balls used for festive decorations in China and took it apart to see how it was made. “I realised it’s really quite simple,” he says. “Yet the flexibility in terms of shape and properties is amazing.” His take on this craft tradition is indeed amazing, and it is made entirely of common paper.

In the video below, Li demonstrates the fascinating properties of his sculptures and his approach to staging them for display.

You can see more works at Li Hongbo’s biography or at the exhibit’s current home, Dominik Mersch Gallery.

(via Geekologie)

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  1. Hoooooooly crap! Those are incredible!

  2. Holy shit!! Amazing!!

  3. Brilliant and fantastic. I’m continually amazed by human creativity and ingenuity.

  4. What an intense share! Thanks!


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