Half-Seen Things and Possibilities: Coronary Cartography by Ashley Blanton

Artist Ashley Blanton via LocalGhosts.org

Darlings, I know many of you are wrapped in the cobwebby fog of daylight savings time this morning, so let’s ease into the week with this dark and dreamy art by Asley Blanton. You can see more photos from this beautifully textural series called Coronary Cartography in localghosts’s post, or see Ashley’s entire fascinating portfolio at Paper Doll Parts. Enjoy!

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Dead Dear


I remember this girl in college, she never spoke to anyone, just say in the back of the class and toiled away at something. Never, so much as nodded at anyone in that class. She just sat there moving her hand furiously back and forth. Eventually, I asked her what the fuck she was doing back there, and had the pleasure of reading some of the most graphic Jackson 5 fan-fiction I could have ever imagined.

Take away the Tito, keep the deranged, add the macabre, and slip some talent into that girl’s drink and you may get a little bit of what Ashley is doing. There are cringe worthy textures at work, and I mean that in the best way possible, it just seeps into you, to the point where you aren’t really visualizing the work as much as you’re letting it inspire vignettes under your skin. If…

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7 replies

  1. The one with the tree coming out where her head should be is awesome. It might be my new fave painting

  2. There’s something about these that makes my heart race

  3. I am partial to Party of 5 fan fiction.


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