Silent Hill Bubblehead Nurse Mask Tutorial

Silent Hill Nurse Cosplay by SPOOKYPURIN

Kittens, go see this great DIY tutorial from Spooki over at spookypurin for creating a creepy Silent Hill nurse mask. This is a fairly straightforward tutorial with a very recognizable, spooky outcome, so keep it in mind for your summer Con or Halloween planning…there are, after all, only 203 days to go!

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Silent Hill Bubblehead Nurse Mask Tutorial

Hi there! c:
I’ve been getting questions as to how I made the mask (but most of all how I could see from it lol), so I put together a brief little tutorial. 🙂

You will need…

1. Cling wrap
2. One inch tape
3. Glue
4. Skin-colored cap or skin pantyhose
5. Brown, beige, red, and black acrylic paint
5. Scissors
6. Coffee or black tea
7. Bandages
8. Hot glue
9. Resistance to fling things across the room in frustration
10. Someone to help you, or someone you can raeg at

1. Liquid latex

Okay, so first you’re going to take some salt and draw a pentagram on the floor. We will commence the chant to our dark lord Satan.
Oh wait, wrong tutorial…

First of all, you’re going to sit in front of the mirror with your hair net/cap on (if…

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my tutorial!

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