Friday Night Features: “Vincent” Short Film

For tonight’s horror short, we’re cracking open our vaults to blow the dust off this 1982 Tim Burton short film. Now, I’ve already made my feelings on Tim Burton known, but this short, made while Burton was still a young animator working at Disney, is darkly charming and well worth a watch.  A clear predecessor to the visuals and concepts behind Burton’s 1984 short FrankenweenieVincent tells the tale of a young boy named Vincent Malloy, who dearly wishes he were Vincent Price instead.  The animation and imagery are appealing in a suitably gothic way, and the rhyming narration written by Tim Burton is read by none other than the great Vincent Price himself.  Enjoy, and happy Friday, darlings!

(via Shorts Bay)

Vincent from the short film by Tim Burton

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13 replies

  1. Vincent Price voice=instant magic

  2. That was cuter than I thought it would be. I am not a huge Tim Burton fan

  3. That’s better than most of his later movies in my opinion

  4. Vincent Price was the master…nice short.


  1. Man on Haunted Hill: The Venerable Vincent Price | The Year of Halloween

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