We’ll Dance to the Reel in the Flickering Light: Spooky DIY Lighting Tutorial

Just like good accessories will make a Halloween costume, atmospheric lighting is a must for putting the final touches on any spooky soirée or Halloween haunt. If you know your way around a soldering iron, this easy tutorial from Kid at the Haunters’ Nation forum will give you a fabulous haunted house effect for less than $5 per light. You can see the effect in the short video below – head on over to the forum for step-by-step photos and instructions (note that those florescent light starters are $1.50 for two, not $150). 115 days to go means plenty of time for fun projects, kittens!

Flickering Light by Kid via Haunt Forum

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4 replies

  1. That is really something! It would be even cooler if you could make it flicker right as a person walked past it!

  2. From project materials list: “Solder iron and solder If you don’t have these, you may not want to try this.”
    My thoughts exactly. Sigh. I need more handy friends … or to become more handy. Very cool effect though.

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