Captain Hook’s Hand and Other Delightful DIY Halloween Props

The Hand of Captain Hook Prop by Dave Lowe

With the fortuitous proximity of tomorrow’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day to Halloween, we’ve spent the last week indulging in an embarrassment of piratey goodness, from sea-faring makeup tutorials to dark tales of evil under the waves. Today’s last post brings us a bit of DIY in honor of ITLAPD – this fabulous “Hand of Captain James Hook” by Dave Lowe. Easily created with a Halloween prop hand, glass jar, paint, and a few accessories, it would make a delicious addition to your Halloween decor, whether added as a point of interest in a cabinet of curiosities or a prop focal point for an all-out pirate-themed bash.  Check out Dave’s blog for more information on how the prop was created, as well as great tutorials such as an Invisible Man Specimen JarFollowing Eye Portrait, and D.I.Y. Apothecary Jars. Happy haunting!

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