Friday Night Features: “The Cat Piano” Short Film

Darlings, tonight’s featured short is the lyrical 2009 Australian film, The Cat Piano.  An anthropomorphic take on film noir with narration by none other than Nick Cave, this short has racked up a stack and a half of film festival wins and awards. Created by The People’s Republic of Animation and co-directed by Eddie White and Ari Gibson, The Cat Piano combines visually arresting art with the dark tale of a shadowy city of singing cats overtaken by a malevolent figure bent on realizing his own twisted form of music. Enjoy!

The Cat Piano Short Film Cover Art

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4 replies

  1. Cool, baby. Cool. You know how to beat it out, no doubt!. Slip me some skin, sweetie. What say we blow this clambake, truck on down to my domi and guzzle some foam? =^.^=

  2. This is one of my favorites! I love Nick Cave anyway, but he is excellent in this short flick. It’s a great story too.

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