Friday Night Features: “Exit” Short Film

Exit Short Film

Hey there, Friday Night Features fans. Eva left me  to host this week’s movie, and even though it was 10 minutes long (omg sooooo looooong) it was pretty awesome. Julian Glover, the main actor, is very recognizable.  I remember him most vividly from the third Indiana Jones movie, but he has been in a ton of stuff. The story itself is creepy and cool. I guessed what was going to happen, but that’s mainly because I am a super genius. And even though I guessed the ending, it didn’t take anything away from anything. Sometimes the way the story gets told is the important part, you know?

It actually makes me think of the time I told a small group of folks at a party the story of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. You might ask why one adult would sit through that, let alone a group. Maybe they were being polite? Maybe they were from a different country and they had never heard it? Maybe it wasn’t a real party at all and it was just me surrounded by a bunch of cardboard cut outs, stuffed animals and action figures taped to broom sticks?

Yeah, it was the last one.

Stop judging me.

Christmas is so lonely.

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