Post Con Depression? Let’s Talk About It

Geekery Convention Depression Sad

How I feel after leaving an awesome convention

We have all been there… An epic weekend of Convention Euphoria and then WHAM! Reality sets in and you have to get back to “real” life. Monday morning at work proves to be the most challenging. Your coworkers just don’t get you. When they ask “What did you do this weekend?,” your immediate response is “If I told you I would have to kill you.” The reason for this violent response is because non-con goers are comparable to muggles. You just can’t let them in because they normally roll their eyes, and that is where the violence sets in….and nobody wants that. You long to be back in the presence of your “people,” wearing your convention T-shirts and fan gear or rocking the kick ass cosplay that you spent a whole paycheck on in the hopes that one of your fav celebs will tell you how awesome you look.

Post Convention Blues General Geekery

First day at work after a convention

After recently getting back from covering The Walker Stalker Convention in Atlanta, I had my first real experience with Post-Con Depression (PCD). As I was driving out of Atlanta I wanted to cry. I had no desire to return to my normal duties.. I wanted to wear my kick ass boots, get autographs and photo ops, buy random cool stuff and just be with my newly-acquired friends. Con friends are not like the other people in your life. They get you, understand your inside episode reference jokes, don’t judge you when you don’t immediately wash the cheek Norman Reedus licked….for like a month. They are okay with that.

Normals just don't understand geekery cons

Co-workers really do not understand

Is there help for such a condition? Do things really get better? The answer is yes and yes. It’s really quite simple. Keep in touch with your new found con friends. In today’s age of social media everyone has a Twitter, Facebook, or Google + account. Get their information so you can talk and share memories and rehash events similar to a high school reunion. Reach out and help others who may be experiencing the same PCD. Don’t be so hard on your coworkers….it is not their fault that they weren’t born with the super cool geek gene that we obviously have. Pity them, don’t hate them. Probably the best bit of advice I have is this: Post Con Depression is similar to a bad break up…… and how do we get over that?? We find somebody else! That’s right…. start planning your next convention visit! When you have something to look forward to it helps ease the pain of what you left behind! I will try to assist with this by posting an upcoming convention calendar that will lead you to convention bliss. Happy Conning everyone…until next time.

Please feel free to discuss your experiences with PCD in the comment section. You may be able to help others who suffer from this silent killer (a little dramatic but you get it).


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  1. Ohhhh, that poor little pookie in the top photo! Looks like me when I think of how stupid some people are! 😉
    Is Xmas a big deal with you, sweetie? Do you hang little jack o’ lanterns and skeletons from the tree?

  2. I told you to take drugs but you never listen to me. Nobody does. I don’t know why I even tell people to take drugs. I am terrible at this.

  3. Awww, those pictures are so darling. Poor Iron Man!

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