Trapped in a Room with a Zombie and Also Maybe Eleven Dopes


The other day the most chickenest girl in my office sent me a link to Trapped in a Room with a Zombie.  I had never heard of the concept before but now that I have I love it. The premise is simple:  You are in a room with a zombie and 11 other people. The means to get out of the room are contained within it. The zombie is chained to the wall and the chain gets a little longer every five minutes and if you aren’t out of the room within 60 minutes you are dead.

Oh, and if you are clumsy or stupid and the zombie touches you at any point, you have to sit against the wall like a dumb corpsey corpse and all you can do is talk, which I am sure will really make the other people who are still alive think you are awesome.  Everyone loves a backseat escaper who already didn’t escape.

It is billed as a team building exercise so you can get 11 folks from work and try it.  Getting out requires sharing information, teamwork, probably someone who is tall and all that stuff that companies love to do to teach their employees not to screw each other over. I am going to try to get my company to do it, even if it means I have to get the scaredy cat girl messed up on cough medicine so she dares to go. And when I do there is one person I am definitely pushing into the zombie in the first five minutes “on accident.”

But that would still be preferable to just showing up with 11 other dopes that I don’t know.  I cannot imagine for the life of me anything worse than being stuck in a room trying to get away from a zombie with a bunch of people who (like me) can’t get a group of 12 together on their own.  I saw Saw II.  I know what happens.  I am pretty sure I would get stuck with some combination of the following:

  • Drunk twenty-something dudes hoping to get matched up with some girls.
  • LARPers
  • A group of five or six people from one office who couldn’t fill out a group of 12.
  • At least two sets of people on dates.
  • People like me, who have chicken friends and aren’t too poor to play $28.00 for a ticket.
  • Escaped murders

With a gang like that, you can be sure that you will either spend 50 agonizing minutes trying to get everyone to focus, or some jerk will have printed out how to solve it off the Internet and ruin it for everyone. Soooo….I guess the takeaway from this is: Don’t lock yourself in a room with a zombie and some strangers.  Make sure it is with people you know.  And if I go, I promise to tell you how it went.  You do the same!

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