The Women in Horror Film Festival – September 2017


This past weekend we got to go to the Monster Mania show in Cherry Hill, NJ (read the show review here) and while we were there we met the fabulous Soska sisters.  Jen (left) and Sylvia were genuinely excited to be there and we talked for quite a while about the Women in Horror Film Festival that is coming up next month.


The Lizzie Award loos good.

Taking place from September 21-24 in Atlanta, GA, the first ever festival was designed to bring some recognition to women writers and directors and has put together a nice lineup of judges and guests (including the marvelous Soskas).  Here are the categories “Lizzie” awards will be given for.

  • Feature Film
  • Short Film
  • Student Film
  • Screenplay

And they are making some sub groups of the short films including comedy! Judges include Marianne Maddalena, and Heather Langenkamp (among many others) and one of the special guests is Greg Nicotero from The Walking Dead.

The plan right now is to be there.  Sylvia Soska told us that she was excited to be on a panel with Greg Nicotero because early in their careers they were at some event and were told they could not get in to meet him because they were nobodies (that is great news for me – patience, Acadia….) And they also said that they were glad that at the festival they would not be “stuck behind a table.”  Of course, they told me this after they had literally jumped on the table to hug me and then come around to the front to chat.  So I guess it will be the same but they will not have to do as much jumping.


I am really hoping this comes together as the show looks great and I want to support women in horror.  And not just to kiss up to the boss!  She is just another example of how women can scare people better than anyone.

I’ll check back and let you know how it goes.  In the meantime, you can check out our own collection of horror short films you can watch online, or browse our Women in Horror collection. And let’s try to push August out the window so it will be September which will mean it is only one more month till October!

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