I Want to Play a Game: Guess These 13 Holiday Horror Flicks

For a time of joyous celebration, the holidays do seem to inspire an awful lot of horror, kittens.  Maybe it’s something about those long, dark nights. Or maybe just that slightly sinister man in a big red suit. Whatever the reason, let’s see how many of these thirteen holiday horror classics you know! Guess the movies in the comments below and I’ll pick one lucky winner to receive a $10 Amazon instant gift card. Here we go!

  • Movie #1

Holiday Horror Movie Game

  • Movie #2

Holiday Horror Movie Game

  • Movie #3

Holiday Horror Movie Game

  • Movie #4

Holiday Horror Movie Game

  • Movie #5

Holiday Horror Movie Game

  • Movie #6

Holiday Horror Movie Game

  • Movie #7

Holiday Horror Movie Game

  • Movie #8

Holiday Horror Movie Game

  • Movie #9

Holiday Horror Movie Game

  • Movie #10

Holiday Horror Movie Game

  • Movie #11

Holiday Horror Movie Game

  • Movie #12

Holiday Horror Movie Game

  • Movie #13

Holiday Horror Movie GameThat’s it!  Now put your guesses in the comments below.  I’ll randomly select a winner on Saturday for the Amazon gift card. As a special bonus, if you can name which two three of these movies have already been featured on TYoH, I’ll give you an extra entry in the drawing.  Good luck!

UPDATE: Check here for the answers to the quiz. Thanks to everyone who played!

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36 replies

  1. Film #6 is Gremlins, but that’s all I know for sure. One of them has to be Silent Night, Deadly Night… maybe #11

  2. 1) hmmmm no clue…
    2) the Black Christmas remake??
    3) …..
    4) Dead End
    5) Don’t Open Til Christmas??
    6) Gremlins
    7) Black Christmas
    8) is this that Dutch movie called “Saint”??
    9) Santa’s Slay
    10) Silent Night
    11) Silent Night, Deadly Night
    12) Christmas Evil??
    13) WTF??

  3. 1) Gingerdead man
    2) Black Christmas remake
    3) Christmas Evil
    4) Dead End (really like this movie BTW)
    5) Don’t Open til Christmas (definitely)
    6) Gremlins
    7) Black Christmas 1974
    8) Rare Exports
    9) Santa’s Slay – the best scene in the movie (Fran Drescher: “Santa! ha, ha, ha, ha, ha”)
    10) Silent Night
    11) Silent Night, Deadly Night
    12) ?
    13) ?
    You really got me on the last 2. you couldn’t throw in a Nightmare Before Christmas pic to make it easy?
    I’m guessing Don’t Open Til Christmas and Silent Night, Deadly Night for the bonus points.

    “Boy, this was fun. Are we at the airport Clark?”

  4. I am coming at this from another angle. So far I know that none of them are Jaws or Star Wars. Or Fargo.

  5. Ooh, I should watch Fargo tonight. Haven’t seen it in a while.

  6. I know I’ve seen 4 & 5 but can’t remember names, and 10 looks awesome, look forward to the answer on that one!

  7. I know what #6 is but that is about it…. ** Hangs head in shame** and I totes met Billy…. in case you forgot or something….

  8. I’ve got the other two, but I cheated for those.

  9. Lots of “I should know this one” but no answers. Hi Eva!

  10. I’m afraid I did lousy on this one, sweetie. The only ones I got for sure was #6 (Gremlins) and #7 *Black Christmas). Do I have to turn in my Horror Nerd Santa hat? 😦

  11. My guesses:

    movie 1 – elves
    movie 2 – black christmas (2006)
    movie 3 – christmas evil
    movie 4 – dead end
    movie 5 – don’t open until christmas
    movie 6 – gremlin
    movie 7 – black christmas (1974)
    movie 8 – rare exports
    movie 9 – santa slay
    movie 10 – steve c miller’s silent night
    movie 11 – silent night deadly night
    movie 12 – to all a good night
    movie 13 – treevenge

    3 featured before:
    rare exports

  12. Wow, I didn’t do well on these at all.

    I would’ve got Gremlins of course, and I’ve seen Silent Night, Deadly Night, but I don’t think I’ve seen these others.

    However, it did make me think of the Tales from the Darkside Christmas episode. Did you ever watch that show? I remember the Christmas episode was pretty scary. At least it was when I was much younger and watched it 🙂

    Fun as always. Hope all is going well for you.

    • Oh, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that one! It is on my list for watching tomorrow – thank you! How is everything in the world of Paul D. Dail? Any new horror in the works?

      • “It wasn’t Santa Claus”

        That series was definitely in my roots of childhood horror development.

        Anyway, things are going well for me, writing-wise. Finished the first draft of my second novel recently. Just need to get started on the edits now (read: mix of excitement and dread). Finally getting around to making The Imaginings into a trade paperback. My Free Five stories have been doing great, and I’ve been working on submitting some of my other short stories to pro markets so I can get my HWA membership (and maybe even a buck or two).

        All that along with part-time teaching and raising two toddlers. Hmm. I suddenly feel pretty proud of myself. Now if some of those publishers could also realize how awesome I am 🙂

        How are things in your world?

  13. …people forget that Gremlins was a holiday horror movie, glad you included it.

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