Paranormal Activity: My Interview with Kitsie Duncan of Oddity Files

Oddity Files

If you are like me, you tend to blow off those mysterious bumps in the night and blame it on the cat (even though I don’t have a cat). Growing up in the dirty South, which is rich in both history and scandal, I am very aware that many spirits roam these parts, having met a demise that is less than desirable. Visiting areas such as Savannah, Georgia, and living in Charleston, South Carolina, for several years, I grew up hearing stories of eerie events and happenings in the older buildings and homes around town. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe in these events, I just chose to look the other way. I am not a big fan of the paranormal. I prefer my scares to happen on the big screen. I admit it, I am a wuss. Hair standing up on the back of my neck is not a good look for me.

Oddity Files Screen Shot

As I have gotten older I have started to become a little less scared (still scared mind you… just less) and have become a little more intrigued by what makes the light turn on by itself, the salt shaker slide across the table ,and ultimately what makes the hair stand so unfashionably up on the back of my neck.

Enter Kitsie Duncan. If you work the convention scene like I do then you are likely to have seen her and her yellow pants working with Celeb Photo Ops. After meeting her briefly at the Walker Stalker Convention back in November, I heard that she was a paranormal investigator. Let the Twitter stalking information gathering begin!

Kitsie, along with her husband Chris and a team of investigators, have a show called Oddity Files. The idea for this was born out of Kitsie’s desire to learn more about the paranormal world after some eerie experiences as a youngster. Kitsie was nice enough to sit down with me via Skype and talk about her show and some of the ghostly experiences she has had. Enjoy the interview!

See the last few minutes of the interview below… Technical difficulty??? No.. it had to be a paranormal interruption of some sort.

Be sure to check out Oddity Files on the web or live stream on GetScaredTV available through Roku. Also follow them on Twitter for the latest on their paranormal investigation projects. You won’t be disappointed and will probably find yourself more than a little freaked out.


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  1. Ghosts…my favorite! This show is going on my list to check out.


  1. Paranormal Experiences | UFOs Uncovered

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