La Isla de las Munecas: The Horror of Doll Island

Deep in the heart of Mexico lies an eerie place, a nightmare of automatonophobia bordered by the Xochimilco canals.

(Photo via Through the Viewfinder

La Isla de las Munecas (The Island of the Dolls) is festooned with decaying dolls, hung by the island’s former caretaker as an offering to a little girl drowned in the canal long ago.

Collected over the course of half a century, thousands of dolls bristle from the trees and few buildings.  The dolls and, perhaps more unsettling, the doll parts, are strung together in various states of decay and disrepair, watching.

(Photo by Juan Hamparzumian via Everywhere Magazine)

Since the death of the dolls’ caretaker, found drowned in the same canal as that long-ago little girl, the dolls have not been lonely.  Although the island can be difficult to reach, it has become a popular destination for the most daring of tourists.

For more about La Isla de la Munecas, visit these articles from Oddity Central and Everywhere Magazine, or check out  Destination Truth’s spooky visit to the island.

(Photo via Warm Photos – warning: site content is NSFW)


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30 replies

  1. This truly is grotesque!

  2. hahaha (maniacal laughter) , love it!

  3. I ❤ Your whole blog site. Way cool.. this one however made me kind of jump back in my seat when I switched over the window. EEEEPS!!!!

    Love it! Great job and you have a new fan.

  4. These dolls are definitely nightmare material!

  5. Eso da miedo! LOL!!! I love this…

  6. Hi Eva, I was not aware of this place in Mexico. What a strange story. I absolutely love your blog! Halloween is my favorite holiday. Having just moved, I’m sad I won’t be attending a Halloween costume party this year. But I’m finding other ways to celebrate the season thanks to inspiration like this.

  7. Ok that is one of the creepiest things ever!! I need to go there!

  8. Those dolls made me so sad – they need a home and lots of love, poor things. Apart from that what a fabulous post.

  9. A lovely, lovely little post that creeped me out (love that feeling, right? *smiles*)
    I love this blog, thanks for inviting me!!!!!!!

  10. I recall seeing this on that Destination Truth episode. Nothing says creepy quite like going all Blair Witch with a bunch of dolls…


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