Each Heart Has Its Haunted Chamber: Dating for the Dead

GhostSingles.com - The Best Dating Site for Dead Singles


Kittens, if Halloween came and went without you finding the ghoul of your dreams, never fear. You could try haunting lonely cemeteries, looking to get lucky with a lich or some other less than living apparition. But why take the low technology approach when there’s Ghost Singles, the high technology approach to ghost dating?

Advertised as The Best Dating Site for Dead Singles, Ghost Singles (a charming creation by Randy Tayler) is not just for the dead – it’s also a lovely way for the living to while away an hour or two this Monday. Simply enter in your ghostly gender, desired age range, and preferred manner of death to view dead singles in your area.

If you prefer a more visual approach to the spirit world, check out the gallery below of famous ghost photos or this collection of early spirit photography. It’s never to early to start making plans, darlings. We’ll be waiting.

For more ghostly photographs, visit Ghosts and Ghouls and About.com’s Ghost Photos.

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  1. OoOoo… baby! Phantasmic idea, sweetie. 🙂

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