Carving Flesh: Sculpted Watermelons by Clive Cooper

Alien Watermelon carving by Clive Cooper via

With this weekend’s summer solstice, Halloween is still a long 130 days away and summertime is in full swing. Never despair, though, my Halloween loving lovelies! Although we have a few days left to go before pumpkin planting season even begins, there is still a bounty of delicate flesh for carving with that most quintessential of summer foods, the cheery pink watermelon. Artist Clive Cooper transforms these stalwart gourds into frightful and comic faces, large-toothed and capped with sturdy melon helms. You can find a collection of Cooper’s watermelon carvings in the gallery below and more on his website, Sparksfly Design.

If you’d like to try your hand at a little carving to stay in practice for the Halloween season (and to liven up your summer barbecues this year), check out these beginner carving tutorials to make a watermelon shark and jack o’lantern. Happy (summertime) haunting!

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3 replies

  1. That is amazing. And I thought my ability to spit watermelon seeds across the lawn was the only watermelon talent out there..

  2. I will work on that….it is the 4th of July..

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