Friday Night Features: “Those We Love” Short Film

Those We Love Short Film

Darlings, you know we love short horror films around here, but how short is short? There’s really no one definition besides “shorter than feature length.” While the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences defines short film as having a running time of 40 minutes or less and we tend to look for movies that come in at no more than 15 minutes or so here at TYoH, we’ve featured filmmakers who can create a terrifying experience in just one minute.

The creative minds at Studio360, however, decided to issue a challenge earlier this year for the scariest shorts aspiring directors could put together in 30 seconds or less.  The judge?  No less than horror master Wes Craven himself. With a theme of “young genius,” Studio and 360 received 300 30-second horror short films, one of which, Those We Love, is our pick for this week’s Friday Night Feature. Those We Love made both Wes Craven’s and the Studio360 staff’s shortlist of favorites. Give it 30 seconds and I think you’ll see why.  Enjoy!

You can watch the rest of the Studio360 horror short submissions here.

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  1. Have you ever checked out any shorts by Bluegill Productions? They have a couple of interesting ones.

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