Friday Night Features: “Vessel” Short Film

Vessel 2012 Short FilmWith nearly 100 short horror films in our Friday Night Features vault, we’ve covered almost every variety of short horror around in the last two years. Everything, that is, except a real sci-fi horror short in the tradition of Alien or The Thing. Perhaps it’s because independent shorts typically lack the budget required for substantial practical or CGI effects to bring a writhing alien threat to properly horrific life.

In the 2012 short Vessel, creator Clark Baker solved this issue by successfully crowdfunding part of his film budget via Kickstarter. With a script by the Duffer Brothers (who have a feature-length horror flick with Alexander Skarsgard due out later this year), the effects are perhaps overly ambitious at times, but the direction, composition, and atmosphere are all remarkably effective for a 13 minute independent film. Small wonder that Vessel was quickly picked up for a feature-length treatment by Paramount, and while I haven’t seen any recent news on what’s happening with the longer version, the short is more than worth a few watches in the interim. Enjoy!


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