Could You Survive a Zombie Apocalypse? Here is Your Chance to Find Out

bane-haunted-house-headerI don’t know about you but all of this extra early Christmas cheer is making me incredibly cranky. I miss October and all of the deliciously horrific things that come along with it. Screw the mistletoe and sugar plums dancing in my head. I want bushes covered in thorns and nightmares! Those things are extremely difficult to come by in a month covered in garland and shiny tinsel.

I am off to New Jersey in a couple of weeks for some convention work and I was trolling around looking for something to do in my down time. One of my convention cohorts suggested this little gem…Bane Haunted House.  I was thinking “How could a haunted house be scary in December” and then I checked out their site. This isn’t any old haunted house. This seems like more of a “Choose Your Own Adventure” type thing. December 12th and 13th they are hosting a Zombie Apocalypse Experience! They are billing it as a whole new form of entertainment combining a first person shooter video game and a real life interactive walk through.


First you choose your team (this is where relationships are really tested). Then you choose your weapon!! These weapons are not little cap guns you buy at the grocery store either. These are full weighted metallic replicas of actual M4 rifles (I don’t know anything about guns but that sounds bad ass). For obvious reasons they aren’t actual guns but they do have real-life recoil, bangs and muzzle flashes. Just think of Laser Tag for big kids.


I know that it may be geographically impossible for many of you to check out but if are in the area come see what it is all about!! You can follow them on Twitter to get updates on all of their upcoming attractions and also like them on Facebook.

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