New Year’s Resolution: In 2015 I’ma Let Me be Me!


Fighting my way to you with horrific items of interest!

As the only other full time writer here in Eva’s Mansion, I have some perks.  I get the second best parking spot.  I have a whole bathroom to myself.  I am never not in the top three in ANY category (including prettiest lady).  And looking back over this past year of posts it seems like I have gotten into a rut. Since I usually do something big for Halloween over on my site, there is always something cool to share with you here.  But this year I had to do a lot of important business in October so my well is dry.  DRY!

Soooo, since I need to make sure I don’t get replaced by some young upstart who is willing to work for less than free, I am going to bring you something new this year.  Here are my Year of Halloween pledges for 2015:

  • Liberal use of bullet points
  • Discussion of current events in horror: movies, games, TV, the thing in the box next to my desk, that sort of thing.
  • OMG seriously I just got the best idea but I am saving it for my site but I promise you will get it next year!
  • I am also going to make sure I share the scariest thing that happened to me each week.  And as a bonus I am going to give you this week’s scare for free!

the-evil-withinI got the game The Evil Within for Christmas and while generally I am over the “Survival Horror” genre, this one has me pretty riveted.  The first chapter of the game is me (or you I guess) trying to escape from this chainsaw dude.  And as I learned quickly escape is really your only chance.  You can’t fight him.  You can only keep away from him.  And one of the million times I had to start over I hid under a bed.  The game even said I could hide.  But I guess my foot was sticking out because chainsaw guy saw me and just SHOVED THE CHAINSAW UNDER THE BED!

No health bar there.  Just the old choparoonie.  So then I was determined to get away from him and eventually I did.  It might have been eleventeen hours later but I did it.  Game is scary as crap.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the video below.

So, to recap, I am changing up my column, The Evil Within is scary, go to my site right after this one every day (it is my 10th anniversary which is like 150 in internet years), and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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2 replies

  1. I liked your scientific countdown of scariest movies. You should update that for 2015 and post one a week!

  2. Holy crap that’s a scary trailer.

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