The Real March Madness: Part IV

Kittens, you know Acadia’s been working on a story for you about the bizarre events that led to the deaths of 22 people at Miskatonic University in the spring of 1927. The last time I heard from him, he was headed up to Portland for Easter weekend to tie up some elusive loose ends and was planning to finish the story last week. Unfortunately, he hasn’t submitted anything new since his last post, and isn’t responding to phone calls, either. I did check the Dropbox folder where he sometimes leaves draft posts and came across what appears to be his research notes.  I have been searching for anything that would give me more information on what sent him north to Maine last week -they are transcribed below in the hopes that you can make some sense out of them.

  1. Herton Mandritch – Miskatonic – gunshot wounds
  2. John Cavendish – F. Salem College – stab wounds (brothers?)
  3. James Cavendish – F. Salem College – stab wounds (brothers?)
  4. Albert Badger – G. Salem College – burns
  5. Edward Bailey – F. Colby – burns
  6. Arthur Ball – G. Miskatonic – burns
  7. Edward Dace – G. Colby – burns
  8. Peter Damm – C. Colby – drowning
  9. Charles Dautel – E. Manager Springfield – burns
  10. Henry Ebel – C. Miskatonic – burns
  11. John Jasper – C. New Hampshire – drowning
  12. Henry Palmer – G. Springfield – stab wounds
  13. John Tallon – ? New Hampshire – Unknown (How can that be?)
  14. Samuel Taylor – F. Derry College – drowning
  15. George Tenney – F. Miskatonic – burns
  16. Mary Ellen Cade – Miskatonic Student – fall (defenestration)
  17. Sarah Gadd – Miskatonic Student – strangulation
  18. Marie Katter – Miskatonic Student – strangulation
  19. Rose Neary – Miskatonic Student – burns
  20. Dorotha (sp?) Neuworth –  Miskatonic Student – burns
  21. Mary Quain – Miskatonic Student – stab wounds
  22. Daisy Wade – Rhode Island Student – fall (defenestration?)
Where were Rhode Island Players?  Bodies grouped by method of death?  Need a better map ## What were they stabbed with?  Drowned????
  • Police Report
  • Map
  • Pool (indoor or outdoor)
  • what burned?
  • timeline

The only other thing in the Dropbox folder was a collection of photos I assume are related to his notes on the case.  Like the notes, the file names of the pictures are disjointed comments that I can only imagine made sense to Acadia at the time, but I have been unable to connect the threads beyond what you see here. I’ve added the photos in a gallery below – perhaps you will see the pattern that lead Acadia to save them in with his case notes. Otherwise, we will simply have to wait for Acadia’s return…and hope that it is both safe and soon.

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  1. hmm the plot thickens

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