The Real March Madness: Part III

hertonIn February of 1885, 40-some years before the deaths at Miskatonic University, Herton Mandritch was born in the town of Gray, Maine. Herton, pictured at left, later moved to Arkham, MA, taking a position tending the grounds at the University somewhere around 1913. He was too old for service in World War I and even if he hadn’t been, he was known to have some type of leg issue that was with him from childhood. Herton apparently showed an aptitude for landscaping his entire life, as his first known job was as a groundskeeper and grave digger at Calvary Cemetery in South Portland, Maine.

More details on Mandritch’s background than this have been elusive. I myself have spent a frustrating week trying to figure out the provenance of the letter that Merle, my friend from the Arkham Library, sent me. As you recall, it mentioned the fact that Herton had planned to take a trip from Arkham to Portland, Maine in order to visit a friend and to…interact, for lack of a better term, with a package that was going to be received.

I am planning a trip to Portland to follow up on the lead. I think heading to my home over Easter will make my mom happy and give me time to track down where this “Alain” person lived. I may bring Merle with me on my trip to Maine, unless he plans on spending Easter with his daughter. I did get a note from him based on last week’s update, and apparently some of you tried to contact him, as well.

Letter from Merle

If anyone got anything out of him, please do let me know. If he can’t come with me up to Maine this weekend, then I will go alone and make sure I keep close track of everything that happens.

I must admit that I had fully intended this piece to be a quick two-parter. Set up the story in the first installment and then finish it off with all the known facts in the second. After all, here it is April 1 and I am still talking about March Madness. But for some reason every time I think things have gone quiet, I hear another noise.  Something in this story is keeping me awake and I cannot tell what it is.

Funny how things start out one way and end up another.  Funny.

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  1. uh oh now this is getting real interesting. I’m going to do some of my own investigating . ;,;

  2. Dear Acadia, sorry for the late reply I’ve been busy so my investigation into this matter was hindered. I did manage to email Merle but, unfortunately, I received no information from him.
    I hope you encountered more luck on your end. If you did, please post soon. Best wishes,


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