Watch Paranormal Activity 5: WAIT! Let me Explain!

Movie Still from Paranormal Activity Creepy Kids

I know that the majority of high brow horror buffs aren’t big fans of the Paranormal Activity movies, but hear me out on this. The fifth installment is coming out in March and believe it or not, all the movies follow a single narrative. Now, I am not pretending that the whole story was completely planned out from the beginning. I highly doubt that. But I do think they have run with the idea well enough to make me want to stick with it and find out what happens. The name of the fifth installment is The Ghost Dimension, but it should probably be called Watch the First Four First! But if you are too lazy, here is a very rough breakdown:

  • Movie 1: We meet Katie, her boyfriend and a ghost (I mean demon).
  • Movie 2: Katie’s sister was having some issues at roughly the same time Katie was.
  • Movie 3: We go back to the 80s and meet Katie and her sister and her mom and they have their own problems which make things in the first and second movie make some more sense.
  • Movie 4: Has absolutely nothing to do with the other movies until it does.

I’m not going to give anything else away, but I am going to tell you to watch the first four movies.  Yes, the hand-held found footage thing gets old and I wish they would have broken off into a more traditional form of storytelling, but I guess they are determined to dance with what brung them. So give it a chance. You might have to look for the first three but it’s worth doing a little digging. The fourth one is on Netflix right now. If you want a night of jump scares, squinting to try to figure out how things connect and at least one genuinely Holy Crap moment, give the series a try. Then you will know what the hell is happening when you watch this trailer for the fifth one!

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  1. I love the PA movies. I’ll be seeing this one.

  2. I honestly hate these movies, but I torture myself and watch them every time a new one comes out. It’s like I am just waiting on them to get better and end up being disappointed every time. I will see this one, maybe even in theaters to actually get a jump scare out of it, but I will probably hate it too. lol

  3. I may not have found the first one that scary but I have an affection for it as it was a clever idea and a little indie flick. The next two I found quite entertaining and the fourth pretty much awful. However I’ll give this one a go too, it might be good.

  4. #4 is the Nightmare on Elm Street 2 of the PA series.

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