The Real March Madness: Part II

Last week, I began telling you the story of the Miskatonic University basketball team. It was my intention to finish the story here, but things do not always go as planned. As always, I work hard to make sure the stories I bring to you are well researched and meticulously documented. And the story of that weekend of basketball and death in Massachusetts in March of 1927 is no exception.

I have been working on the story for some time and have made several inquiries to local newspapers of the time. And at one point, during the coldest days of January, I traveled to Arkham, MA to try to fill in some blanks that my research had left. Exploring the microfiche in the old Arkham library, I was approached by an older man who asked me if I was the person asking about Herton Mandritch.  I was glad that the word had spread as I’d intended when I mentioned my search to everyone I met that morning.

The man told me a few things I already knew about the Miskatonic University basketball tournament, then asked me if I had ever heard of the Portland, Maine letter.  I admitted I had not, and he explained that it was a document that plainly showed Herton Mandritch had not planned to be at the University that weekend, but that the reason for his absence might have been as mysterious as his ultimate fate had proved to be.

He took my card and told me that he would be in touch. “My daughter has a computer and I have an email,” he told me.  He indeed did have an email.  I also assume he had a name though I never learned it.  You might find that odd, someone of my investigative prowess missing  a detail like that, but the man had a way of putting you at ease.

I tell you all of this because my original plan of finishing the story this week with the details I knew has been upset.  I received a USPS certified letter this morning and inside the package (it was one of the large envelopes) was the letter I scanned below.  Also contained was a brief note from my friend,

It does exist.  Took me some time to find it.  But if this is real, there is no way things happened the way McCleary said they did.  But then again, McCleary didn’t really believe himself, either.

I include the letter below and ask that you give me some additional time to follow up on some of this information.  I apologize to you, the readers, and to you, Eva.  This is not how I like to conduct myself, but I feel that this is worth digging deeper into. Why report news when you can make it, right?


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  1. Awesome i cant wait for your next installment. Way to keep me on the hook lovecraft would be proud unless you’re a joo jk lol 😉

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