Horror GIF of the Week Presents: 31 Even More Horrific GIFs

horror gif of the week with Acadia Einstein (2)[In grand TYoH tradition, we collect 31 of the scariest horror GIFs we can find all year long to share with you every Halloween week. Also in TYoH tradition, Acadia is here to introduce the GIFs with a completely unrelated anecdote. For more devastatingly creepy GIFs, check out Halloween 2013 and 2014 collections, Horror GIF of the Week Presents: The 31 Scariest GIFs of the Year and Horror GIF of the Week Presents: 31 More Horrific GIFs.  -Eva]

So when I was 15, I was playing basketball with some kids during a free period.  I went to an all boys catholic school so I was wearing dress shoes.  And while I was going up for a rebound someone stepped on my ankle and when I came down, my foot was spun all the way backwards and upside down. I was on my back with my left knee raised.  My right leg was crossed and resting on my knee since that was the only way to not have all the weight of my leg pressing on my dangling foot.  I was supposed to be looking at my right instep (go ahead, try it) but instead I was looking at the bottom of my foot. AND IT WAS POINTING DOWN!

I tell you this because if someone had been filming the game, they could have made a gif out of my foot. It would have been both better and worse than the ones below.  Better because the ones below are pretty gross (and of course Eva managed to find a bunch of gross eye ones because she hates me) but worse because it was real. Real stuff is worse.  I think that is one of the reasons I love horror.  It is safely terrible.  You know it is fake so you can appreciate it for what it is.  Except if it involves broken bones.  Forget that.  I hate that stuff.  Like in the last Saw movie, the guy trying to hold back the big crusher and his arms break?  I watched that through the holes in the afghan, folks.  GROSS.  Broken bones and eyeballs – not ok. Chopping arms off?  Super OK.  Super duper OK.  I will chop your arms off right now.  Someone hit record!


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