I Strained to See What Paced There, My Eyes Burning: Trailer Roundup

As February withers into March, the US release schedule for last year’s foreign favorites and festival darlings starts to move into high gear.  Here’s a roundup of four trailers to get you in the mood for horror.


Technically more science fiction than horror, Beyond the Black Rainbow is a 2010 Canadian release that made the festival circuit in 2011.  The trailer has a dark, experimental look that may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it certainly has potential.

Another import, Intruders was directed and conceived by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (who also helmed 28 Weeks Later), and stars Clive Owen.  The film seems a bit mainstream, but I’m excited to see what this team can do.

I can’t decide if Beneath the Darkness looks reasonably atmospheric and creepy, or just silly.  The fact that it’s been in limited release for a month and a half without generating much positive buzz isn’t a very good sign, but like with most things, darlings, I try to keep an open mind.

Speaking of keeping an open mind, here’s the teaser for The Devil’s Carnival.  Reuniting the director and much of the cast from Repo! The Genetic Opera, this 55 minute horror musical is facing quite an uphill climb.  As much as I adore the first minute of the teaser (Is that Alexa Varga singing? It’s gorgeous), the last 30 seconds has me scrambling for the mute button.  We shall see what next month’s full trailer brings us.


(H/T to THR, Anti-Film School, and Pajiba)

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11 replies

  1. You’ve spiked my curiosity with Beyond the Black Rainbow…

  2. Beneath the Darkness looks like something I would try. What’s the one that is supposed to be in real time?

  3. Beyond the black rainbow has the creepy vibe where you know that girl will exact her revenge on mr pencil clicker haha hopefully I can find it

  4. so this looks like it will e harder than I thought
    Beyond the black rainbow is not at redbox nor is it on hulu or netfix here we gotime to crawl the web


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