A Hornet Tests my Sculptured Skin: Horror as Art

Darling readers, would I send you off to face your weekend without a delicious treat to occupy your dreams?  Of course I wouldn’t.  I have been marveling of late over a few artists that seem to have a special way of bringing nightmares to life, transmuting horror into art: macabre, affecting, beautiful.  Today’s artist is Danielle Tunstall, who captures “visual comments on life and the human species” through photographs that are both hauntingly dark and exquisitely twisted.  Enjoy, darlings…and try to sleep well, won’t you?


See more of Danielle’s work at DanielleTunstall.com.

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11 replies

  1. Eva that is insanely awesome love the way you write too btw

  2. Nice vid, and I agree with Jim Cantwell. You have a nice vibe.

  3. Awww, thanks, Jim and Acadia. You fellas sure know how to sweet talk a ghoul.

  4. Truly horrifying. How many times can you say this and mean it as a compliment?
    Often actually, when browsing your blog.


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