31 Scary Things #8: Ventriloquist Dummies

I was going to write something about this video, but in order to do that I would have had to watch it and I’m not watching it ever again.  I’m a chicken.

You watch it and then tell me what you would have written in the comments if you think you’re so tough.  You will prolly run crying to your mammy half way through. I heard that happens sometimes.


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15 replies

  1. I think I may have wet my pants. Not in a good way. Following but afraid….very afraid….

  2. My question still is, ONLY 31 scary things?!

  3. Wow. I’d forgotten about how terrifying those damn things are. So, thanks for that.

  4. Haha totally true. The horror genre is hands down my favorite, but I had to most irrational fear of Chucky from Child’s Play for years. When trailers for Seed of Chucky came out, I would flip the channel every time honestly. Out of all the ridiculous and far-fetched horror villains to fear, that was mine. Couldn’t explain it….until that video. Thanks for the relapse!

    • If you get a chance (and don’t mind sleeping with the light on for a few nights), look up Alfred Hitchcock Presents season 3 for “The Glass Eye.” It’s about a woman who falls in love with a ventriloquist that has a dark secret. The atmosphere (staging/lighting/direction) is just so perfectly ominous. Plus young William Shatner is a treat. I think the whole series is available on Netflix Instant now!

    • Chucky was terrible. Seriously. I’m glad you liked the vid, btw. 🙂

  5. Any old Twilight Zone episodes with the dummies will have you freaked out for a week…fo sho.

  6. You know, I saw Dead Silence today. Ventriloquists gone mad, shit hits fan multiple times. I enjoyed it, maybe you will too 🙂

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